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The Simple Solution Consignment Contract

·50/50 split.

·We inventory large items, smaller items in large quantities may be inventoried under a miscellaneous category which means they will not be individually named but will show number of items sold.

·You will receive inventory of what sold when you pick up or request a check be sent to you.

·You do not receive a full inventory list after you drop off, only when you pick up money, the list will be of sold items only.

·If you have inventory concerns you should make and inventory list for yourself.

·We do not guarantee our inventory list will match yours, we might call items different names.

·We will mail out a check if you call and request it.

·Please wait 2-4 weeks before checking on money after dropping off.

·We will only payout once a week per client.

·Items are always yours while in the shop, you can pick them back up anytime you like.

·Items that are not selling after 30 days are subject to price being lowered.

·Items that are not selling after 60 days are subject to being donated or you can pick them back up, we will contact you before donating if you have concerns.

The Simple Solution Estate Sales Contract

·We bill according to each client’s unique needs.

·Initial consolation and quote are free of charge.

·Items sold in the shop are a 50/50 split.

·Pick up of items are subject to a fee.

·Delivery of items to be donated are subject to a fee.

·Delivery of items to the dump are subject to a fee, and cost of disposal will be billed to client.

·Any packing or cleaning of items is subject to a fee of $30 per person minimum, $30 per person per hour after that.

·We will evaluate and determine sale ability of all items in the client’s home and decide which course of action is appropriate for said items. E.g. Sell, donate, or take items to the dump.

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